FAQ- Calming & Relaxing Oil
  • Soothe/tension relief
  • Refreshing focus
  • Promotes blood circulation
  • Eases anxiety
  • Reduces stress
  • Sedation
  • Eliminates negative emotions
  • Improves natural sleep-wake cycle
  • Restores quality sleep
  • Relaxes your body
  • Reduces overactivity
  • Improving mental clarity

Hanna Ancient Calming & Relaxing Oil is made of 100% natural ingredients without any additives. Natural ingredients will produce different colours and flavours according to different seasons and climates, but they will not affect the effectiveness of the product at all.

Hanna Ancient Calming & Relaxing Oil is formulated with vegetable oils and pure essential oils. It does not contain preservatives, artificial flavours or any additives. Hanna Ancient Calming & Relaxing Oil is definitely a 100% natural ingredient product which will not cause any harm or burden to the skin.

Hanna Ancient Calming & Relaxing Oil has a relatively high percentage of pure essential oils, and it is recommended for children above the age of 7.

The formula and raw materials of Hanna Ancient Calming & Relaxing Oil are produced in Australia under a Malaysian Brand.

Basically any skin type can be used, except for skin that is allergic to certain ingredients and essential oils. You can try a wrist test before use.

The product contains cedarwood essential oil, which is not recommended for pregnant women.

Yes, the main function of the product is to soothe, calm and promote a restful sleep. Some users may consequently experience drowsiness.

Yes. Hanna Ancient Calming & Relaxing Oil can relieve stress while restoring high-quality sleep. This promotes a refreshed feeling when waking up.

Apply Hanna Ancient Calming & Relaxing Oil to the back ear, neck and wrist area until it penetrates completely. It can also enhance the effect by sniffing the essential oil. Basically Hanna Ancient Calming & Relaxing Oil can feel soothed and calming on the same day. Application once or twice a week can significantly improve sleep quality. (The effect varies from person to person).

               One-third of a person’s life is spent in sleep; however, many people suffer from insomnia. Young people may suffer from work pressure, and the elderly may suffer from insomnia caused by a weak heart, spleen or kidney. It has become a stubborn disease that plagues our society today. There are 2 recommended acupoints with sleep and essential oils that relieve insomnia.


The first acupuncture point is Anmian. This acupuncture point is also very well-named. It has the function of sleeping. Anmian is a commonly used acupuncture point outside the meridian. It is also located in the neck, at the midpoint of the connection between Yifeng and Fengchi. . Yifeng Point is the depression behind the ears, while Fengchi Point is the depression under the occipital bone. Its function is to calm the liver, stop wind, calm the mind, and effectively relieve tension and treat insomnia.


The second is Shenmen, which is the gateway to the mind. It is an original point on the heart meridian of Shaoyin of the hand and a part of the heart meridian where the vitality of the heart meridian is retained. The place is the gateway for the heart and energy to come in and out.

For emotional relaxation, it can be applied to the chest.

Yes. It is perfect for use during the day if it results in emotional relaxation and soothing. It is also recommended for use at night. Application to Anmian and Shenmen points are not recommended when driving or operating machines.

The product packaging is designed with a rollerball. When in operation, there may be some spillage. Please try to store the product in an upright position.