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collagencollagen peptidecollagen tripeptide

Composed of 100 – 1000 amino acids.

Limited utilisation.

Composed of 5 – 6 amino acids.

After entering the body, it randomly synthesizes protein or collagen in various parts of the body, and a small part synthesizes collagen in the skin.

Composed of 3 amino acids.

It is directly absorbed by the skin and synthesizes skin exclusive collagen



Collagen peptide

Collagen tripeptide

Molecular weight

100000 – 300000 Daltons

1000 Daltons + –

300 Daltons + –


Triple helix


Short string

Digestion rate

< 1%

Around 80%

Around 95%

Skin absorption



Easily absorbed


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Small-molecule collagen refers to collagen with a molecular weight of less than 2000 Daltons. It has strong biological activity and is a type of collagen that can be directly absorbed by the body without decomposition. The smaller the molecular weight of collagen, the higher the absorption rate. Collagen products with a molecular weight greater than 10,000 Daltons are not easily absorbed, but less than 3000 Daltons are basically completely absorbed

Because collagen peptides and collagen tripeptides have a smaller molecular weight than ordinary collagen, they are easily absorbed and digested by the body.


Collagen is a macromolecular fiber hard protein with a relative molecular weight of up to 300,000 Daltons. It cannot be directly absorbed by the human body after being eaten. It needs to be digested and broken into small molecular peptides or free amino acids before it can be absorbed by the human body and exert its effect. The absorption rate is very low, only about 2.5%.

Collagen peptides and collagen tripeptides:

Collagen peptides and collagen tripeptides are small-molecule peptides formed after collagen is processed by artificial protease. The relative molecular mass is several hundred to several thousand. After being eaten by the human body, it can be effectively absorbed and utilised, and the absorption rate can reach 90% or more. Compared with collagen, it has higher efficacy.

A clinical study in 2019 showed that taking 2500-15,000 mg of hydrolyzed collagen peptides per day is safe and effective.

  • A smaller daily dose of 2500mg could benefit joint pain, skin health, and hydration.
  • Increasing this dose to 5000mg per day has shown the potential to improve bone density.
  • Lastly, larger daily doses of 15,000mg of these peptides have mostly been used to improve muscle mass and body composition

it’s the same. Hydrolyzed collagen is another name for collagen peptide.

One bottle of Dual-Col collagen contains 60 compressed chewable candy tablets containing a total of 180,000 mg of collagen peptides and tripeptides. Each tablet has 3000mg of peptides and tripeptides. Two to four tablets per day containing 6000 -12,000 mg of peptides and tripeptides provides sufficient nutrients to the skin, and can also help tendons and articular cartilage.

The collagen peptide and tripeptide molecules of Dual-Col are small in size, each with 2000 daltons and 280 daltons molecules, which are easily absorbed and digested by the human body.

*Dalton is a molecular measurement method*

The collagen of this product is collected from deep-sea fish and extracted from the skin of the fish. This is a non-vegetarian ingredient.

Dual-Col contains type 1, 2 & 3.

*Type 1 and 3 collagen are suitable for hair, skin, nails and bones.

*Type 2 collagen, used for joint and cartilage support.

Vitamin C cannot be lacking in the process of synthesizing protein or collagen in various parts of the body. https://askthescientists.com/qa/vitamin-c/

  • Promotes antibody formation. The high concentration of vitamin C helps to reduce the cysteine in food protein, thereby synthesizing antibodies.
  • Cysteine is one of the natural components that makes up glutathione.
  • Cysteine is a naturally occurring amino acid.
  • It maintains the activity of important sulfhydryl enzymes in the keratin production of skin proteins, and supplements sulfur groups to maintain the normal metabolism of the skin and regulates the underlying melanin produced by the pigment cells in the lowermost layer of the epidermis. It’s a very ideal natural whitening cosmetic. It can remove the melanin of the skin itself, changing the skin itself while making the skin whiter.
  • It prevents the aging of organisms.
  • High content mg of collagen peptide and collagen tripeptide
  • Small molecule collagen tripeptides and peptides (280 & 2000 Daltons), which makes the body better and is more easilyto absorbed
  • The formula contains a variety of antioxidants, vitamin A and C fruit extracts
  • Japan scientific research formula
  • Specially researched ingredients from 3 major countries (Collagen peptides and tripeptides from Korea, Yuzu and silk peptides from Japan, Raspberries from USA)
  • Formula without artificial colors and preservatives
  • Free of hormones and heavy metals
  • Enhances moisture
  • Lightens the pigment, makes the skin fair and bright
  • Powerful antioxidants
  • Tightens the skin
  • Shrinks skin pores
  • Eliminates fine lines and reduces wrinkles
  • Prevents damage from light, ultraviolet rays and harmful free radicals
  • Anti-aging signs
  • Strengthens joints and bones

Note: This product is a food-grade, life-health product and cannot be used to diagnose or treat any diseases. If you have any questions about your body conditions, please consult your doctor.

  • Anyone with dull skin tone
  • Anyone with wrinkles and pigmentation
  • Anyone with dry and dehydrated skin
  • Anyone with oily skin
  • Anyone with large skin pores
  • Those who wish to have smooth and supple skin
  • People who are often exposed to outdoors, light and ultraviolet rays
  • People who have a living habit of smoking, staying up late, and with work stress
  • People who like sports
  • Aged 9 years old and above

Dual-Col formula is made with a variety of fruit extracts giving it a fresh sweet and sour taste.

Yes. Crustaceans mainly refer to shrimp, crabs or clams, and shellfish. Avoid if allergic to fish.

  • People with kidney problems
  • People who are allergic to collagen or fish

A consultation with your doctor or pharmacist is recommended before taking it.

Pregnant women can consult their doctor or pharmacist after the 3-month stabilisation period to find out if their body is suitable for consumption.

Yes. A lot of collagen will be lost during the menstrual period. Dual-Col has natural ingredients, is rich in nutrition, safe, healthy and can be taken during menstruation.

It is recommended to start taking one or two courses (2 months and above). After the skin conditions have improved and with your personal satisfaction results, you can change your consumption to every alternative day to maintain healthy skin.

Collagen peptide is a component contained in the body and is suitable for long-term consumption, without dependency problems. Since the human body depletes collagen daily, it can be consumed regularly to maintain its consolidation.

A study published by Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology found that oral collagen peptide supplements can reduce the visible signs of skin aging. Studies have shown that the number of skin wrinkles has decreased, and skin moisture has also increased significantly. In terms of the time it takes to observe these results, the study found that the skin has improved very well in the 4th week, and more obvious results were found in the 12th week. In the clinical trial, wrinkles were reduced by 31.2%.

  • Recommended storage isin a cool place that avoids sunlight. Recommended consumption is within 60 days after opening.
  • Take 2 chewables, once or twice daily on an empty
  • When to take: morning or morning and evening (before dinner or 30 minutes before going to bed)
  • It is recommended to avoid drinking coffee or tea within one hour after ingesting to achieve better results.

Dual-Col is a product of HANNA ANCIENT Malaysia, a subsidiary of e’THEREAL brand. It is the product of a Japanese scientific research formula and made in Malaysia.

Dual-Col is a food grade product and has KKM Food Safety Responsibility (MeSTI).

Food safety is a corporate responsibility, which ensures that our products are safe and in terms of traceability, it meets food safety and hygiene standards