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 Modern skincare can sometimes be overwhelming, with so many products that promise different things.

Now there’s a simpler way for you to get the skin care you deserve. Discover HANNA cream, where modern needs meet ancient remedies. It’s a multifunction cream packed with vitamins and super ingredients that have no less than 16 different benefits for your skin, hair, and body.

HANNA was discovered when Jaclyn, the founder, needed something to soothe her skin on long flights and travels. After talking to friends, she found out that many had the same problems as well. Other moisturisers and treatments are simply too cumbersome to carry, especially on the go.

One discovery led to the next, and HANNA’s ingredients were perfected. She realised that the best skin products, much like the best dishes, are made from all natural ingredients. HANNA combines all of these natural remedies that are suitable for different parts of the skin, for both men and women. It’s also a universal product for moisturizing night cream, anti-ageing, lip balm, repairing moisturizer and more.

It’s also a universal product that functions as a moisturising night cream, anti-ageing cream, lip balm, repairing moisturiser and more. HANNA can also be used for sensitive skin because it uses 100% natural products. HANNA replaces the need for multiple products, and comes in an easy-to-carry case for you to slip into your bag or purse. So go on, embrace HANNA, join the minimalist movement and enjoy the gifts of ancient goodness.

Celebrating Excellence - Our Award-Winning Journey

Discover our story of excellence and achievement as we proudly showcase our award-winning journey in delivering exceptional products and services


Grateful to to Asia Pacific TOP Excellence Brand Committee (APC) for honoring the Hanna Ancient with the prestigious Asia Pacific Super Health Brand 2021 & 2022.  Hanna Ancient is dedicated to crafting premium skincare and health nutrition products, aiming to help customers achieve a more beautiful and healthy self through both external application and internal use. Throughout the process of innovating and developing products, we continually enhance and equip ourselves with the latest industry technology, carefully select ingredients, and adhere to strict quality standards to ensure product quality. Bringing customers the best and most effective skincare and health experience is truly our commitment. Hanna Ancient is a brand you can trust without a doubt.

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