Multi Function Cream – 4gm

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Introducing the ultimate skincare solution: multi-function cream

  • 16 Different uses for skin care
  • Natural ingredients with ancient remedies
  • Works well for sensitive skin,  babies, pregnant women
  • All purpose cream for the whole family


Effectively treats:

  1. Eczema (extreme scleroderma): redness, swelling, itching
  2. Moss / groin rash / scalp rash: a round rash of redness, itching, desquamation of the skin
  3. Wind membrane/urticaria: redness, swelling, itching (large area)
  4. Perioral dermatitis: papules, papules, pustules, erythema and scales around the mouth
  5. Relieve psoriasis: stubborn dermatitis
  6. Rich hands: housewife eczema
  7. Milk moss: baby rash
  8. Baby diaper rash
  9. Scald repair: soothing repair
  10. Mosquito bites: relieve itching and reduce swelling
  11. Prevent & reduce stretch marks


Can apply to any part: face, skin, lips, hand, all part of our body


🔎Ingredients: sweet almond oil, lavender essential oil, jojoba oil, beeswax, shea butter, chamomile essential oil, vitamin E

  • All natural ingredients, without any chemical ingredients, only made of pure natural vegetable oils and essential oils.
  • Guaranteed safety! Certified by the Malaysian Health Department, no chemical ingredients, no hormones, no steroids, no drugs
  • No preservatives
  • A universal repair cream, which can effectively repair various problem skins


【家庭必备万用霜】| 秘密配方的独特香脂

✅100%纯天然成分  ✅适合一家大小  ✅皮肤的乖乖霜 ✅宝宝适用



  1. 湿疹 (特硬性皮炎):发红,红肿,瘙痒
  2. 皮藓 /股沟疹/头皮疹:皮肤发红、发痒、脱屑圆形皮疹
  3. 风膜/荨麻疹:发红、肿、痒 (大面积)
  4. 口周皮炎 :口周的丘疹、丘疱疹、脓疱、红斑及鳞屑
  5. 缓解牛皮癣:顽固皮肤炎
  6. 富贵手:主妇湿疹
  7. 奶藓:宝宝疹
  8. 婴儿尿布疹
  9. 烫伤修复:舒缓修复
  10. 蚊虫叮咬:止痒消肿
  11. 预防&淡化妊娠纹


🔎成分:甜杏仁油、薰衣草精油、荷荷巴油、蜜蠟、乳木果油、洋甘菊精油、维生素 E

  • 全天然成分,,没有任何化学成分,只用纯天然植物油和精油制成。
  • 保证安全!马来西亚卫生局认证,没有任何化学成分,无激素,无类固醇,无药物
  • 无任何防腐剂
  • 万能的修复霜,能有效的修复各种的问题皮肤
Try it today and experience the transformative benefits for yourself!
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Hanna Ancient Product Descriptions 13Multi Function Cream - 4gm

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